And so it begins...

Hello world!

OK, I will be honest here, I am feeling a bit shy! The main reason for this is that like (I suppose) most people, when doing a blog you feel pressure to be immensely witty, insightful, wise, challenging, motivational and inspiring - and whilst you might be all those things, all the time - in my case it is a bit daunting to just switch that on! Also, I am thinking, what should this blog even be about?!

  • Music?

  • Film?

  • Corporate Strategy?

  • Engagement?

  • Learning?

  • Innovation?

  • Technology Trends and their impact?

  • The future of consulting / learning / work?

  • What lies beyond leadership?

  • Business!

  • Stewardship?!

  • Sustainability!!!

  • Equality!!!!

  • Story Telling!!!!

  • Wellbeing!!!!

  • Digital!!!!!!!!

These and many many more are all topics close to my heart (and that of my esteemed colleagues) and hopefully we can go into them. The main reasons for starting this blog are actually two fold (they get equal credit)!

1 - Seth Godin - What a hero. He said in an inspiring video interview with Marie Forleo that one of the best career choices he ever made was to start a blog… Let’s rewind that a little bit….Seth Godin (incredibly successful and inspiring speaker, author, influencer) said one of the BEST, not just good, BEST career choice he made was to blog. So I’m sat here thinking, well if it’s good enough for Seth… Seriously though, check out Seth, he really is amazing. Here is the link to that interview -

2. Shawn Achor’s TED Talk - In his seminal TED talk about happiness and the scientific links to better productivity, creativity, every other positive feature(ity) - he lays out the proven formula for activating that happiness within you. This really resonated personally because I see first hand how happy people get when we make music for business messaging…

(see what I did there? A subliminal plug that you want to engage Tailored Rhymes with your next campaign, such sneaky advertising! Well we normally would have to pay $20,000 for that kind of blog real estate on someone else’s successful blog, but as it is our own blog all it cost me was a few shame points in the depths of my soul, but don’t worry, it is a deep well and Hey! Gotta put food on the table, right?!….This has really gone off track, sorry, back to the main thought)

So, Shawn’s seminal TED speech talks about how raising positivity in the present gives you a “happiness advantage” basically when you are firing on all cylinders and smashing it at work and in wider life etc. Basically levelling up through great habits. And according to Shawn the way to do so is…

  • List gratitudes daily

  • Journal daily

  • Exercise

  • Meditation

  • Random Acts of Kindness

  • Hire Tailored Rhymes for your next event… (Stop it! Not cool! That was not on Shawn’s happiness list!)

If you haven’t seen that TED, it is a must watch, here is the link -

No I don’t just sit about watching YouTube. As you can see, this blog is basically putting into action journaling! Funny enough, I actually feel really happy right now. That will probably change immediately when I read it back over or get told how rubbish the blog post is and how I am clogging up the internet, but right now I am basking in the freedom of writing thoughts down. Honestly feels really nice! Try it!

And so it begins and, almost by accident, it looks like we covered some of those cool topics I was wrestling with anyway! Hope you enjoyed reading this even a little bit as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Sending out peace & love across the internet