Case Studies

Our work spans across many genres and topics. Below are a few points of pride.


princes trust - Palace to palace TRIBUTE SONG

As part of a wider team campaign for a professional services organisation, we created a heart warming song and sketch that showed the event from the perspective of a cyclist, whilst bringing to life the key messages and activities of the Princes Trust. 

The video was spread within the company (12,000) and made a significant contribution to the £42k raised for the event. 


They’re calling you NEET? Let’s get your skills complete. The Prince’s Trust knows what it takes to compete!
— P2P Song Extract


As part of major event dedicated towards International Women's Day, this professional services organisation commissioned a song to inspire their people and communicate their key messages around gender equality and diversity. 

The song was delivered as a live keynote performance at the event to over 300 participants followed by a media campaign. 

Challenging gender stereotypes. Who’s to say what’s wrong or right? Respect for people, around the world, doesn’t matter if your a boy or girl!
— IWD Song Extract



As part of a wider mental health awareness campaign in conjunction with "Time to Talk", this professional services organisation created a defiant song that encouraged people to take 5 minutes out of their day to focus on Mental Health conversations.

The song spread across the company (12,000) and empowered people to speak out about mental health issues. 

If you’ve got a broken arm, your friend will sign your cast, but if you’re talking self harm you could be outcast. It’s time to talk about our minds, cos 1 in 4 get hit by this throughout our lifetimes!
— T2T Song Extract