We bring messages to life with bespoke music, video and media.


With so much competition for our attention, it is difficult to stand out and make your message heard. Our network of business, storytelling, music and film experts create memorable experiences that engage your audience.


Case Study: Temple Brown Positive Transformation

Working alongside some of the most inspiring people you could ever imagine, we were honoured to help bring the messages of the Positive Transformation Initiative to life with this song and video.

Case Study: Storm CIC #HeyAreYouOK?

Storm CIC provide life saving educational workshops for addressing mental and emotional wellbeing in the workplace and they also wanted to promote their social message #HeyAreYouOK? It was a privilege to create this song and video for them.

Case Study: Mental Health Animation

We had the privilege of taking a wonderful piece of writing that describes, from the writer’s perspective, what it is like to live with depression. We put together this little animation based on extracts from the piece.

Case Study: CYC:D UP

Life is not about standing still, and we had the honour of getting our groove on with the high end fitness boutique studio CYC:D to bring their messages to life in a positive way.

Case Study: GDPR

Released in May 2018, this “tongue-in-cheek” explainer song captures the zeitgeist of GDPR and offers a practical explanation of the key aspects to be aware of relating to GDPR. Based on a legal briefing document, this is an example of unpacking complex messaging.


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